Accomplishments & Highlights

Deskan was established with the aim of providing social services,education, counseling and clinical services.

Below is a list of accomplishments to date of what Deskan is doing for families and individuals.

Meals and Clothing

Counseling Services

Coats & Personal Hygiene

Food Baskets

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Accomplishments/Highlights for 2015 To-Date

1. Provided meals and clothing to more than 1600 Atlanta hungry and homeless individuals
2. Held workshops and information sessions on HIV/AIDS, HPV, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Rape. Provided counseling services to over 300 individuals, including young adults, children and youths in the Atlanta and DeKalb Communities.
3. Provided School supplies for 65 Homeless Children living at an Atlanta Shelter
4. Provided Breakfast and lunch for over three hundred (300) children in-need in DeKalb, Gwinnett, Rockdale and Decatur
Sent [10] barrels of donated medical supplies, school supplies and children’s clothing to Guyana for churches and schools,’ Regions 10, 2, and 4.
6. Provided Scholarships for 2 adults to continue their Nursing Training in Guyana: 1st Installment $40, 000 GYD.
7. Provide stipend to help repair home for homeless family of four (4) in Guyana
8. Provided funds to purchase an Electric Saw to help in the Amerindian Community of Guyana. Lumber
9. Provided funds to help with transportation for second chance program in need of work.
10. Provided school supplies for children in needy in Atlanta. Deskan’s Second Chance program made a difference for more than 10 individuals who benefited from this program for this year.

Some of our Services


The Food Pantry

Deskan provided grocery boxes of food to over 2,500 families. Deskan also helped serve over 21,426 meals.


Annual Community Holiday Giving

The Community Holiday Giving Program distributes to over 2,000 families,


Clothing Closet

Deskan has provided clothing to local organizations that share in the cause of “Second Chance for Individuals”.


Helping the Homeless

Homelessness is not a choice.... Help IS! Homelessness is not unique to in town Atlanta communities.

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National Poverty & Homelessness

Nationwide, two factors have contributed to the increase in homelessness over the past several years.


Medical Mission & Missionary Work

This program contributes to over 2,000 families, personal hygiene products, clothes, food, household goods, & more.