The Education Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating book drives, scholarships, college preparation programs, mentorship programs, tutoring programs, computer donations, school supply donations, food drives, clothes drive and other activities deemed necessary to enhance students’ ability to learn and therefore, improve their chances of becoming viable citizens in society.


Our Event Committee responsibilities include, but are not limited to planning and coordination of various events and/or coordinate with the other committees and/or organizations. They will solicit volunteers to assist with carrying out their duties to ensure successful Events.


The Health and Welfare Committee is involved with planning and coordination of medical mission, global disaster, health fairs, seminars, workshops, drives, support groups, donations to medical facilities, providing volunteer opportunities to medical facilities and other coordination efforts.


The Humanitarian Committee is responsible for planning and implementing various outreach programs to assist those that are in need in the local Georgia and Caribbean communities. Duties include and not limited to: feeding the homeless; emergency disaster assistance; clothes drives; food drives; soft toys to sick and needy children; book drives; providing assistance to elderly; sending care packages to military units overseas; donating time and supplies to disabled veterans; bereavement assistance; plus numerous other activities.


The Marketing Committee has a vested interest in the Deskan Institute and Deskan Ministries and its members. They are responsible for promoting and advancing Deskan brand and image. They identify innovative marketing, branding, and communication strategies necessary to enhance the organization and improve attendance at events. The committee utilizes above-the-line and below-the-line methods of promotion. Addition responsibilities include developing marketing materials, creating press releases, utilizing social media, email blasts plus other measures necessary to attain our objectives. The marketing committee is responsible for attaining sponsorship and advertising for DESKAN. The Public Relations Director or other qualified individual will chair the Marketing Committee.


The Membership Committee’s duties includes, but are not limited to: recruiting new members and volunteers, renewing memberships, assisting with maintaining membership records, hosting new members functions, providing welcome letters to new members/volunteers and other duties deemed necessary to maintain membership and accomplish our mission in the community

To join a committee, please contact us.